“Same-Sex Wedding Exhibition Promotes Croatia’s LGBT Community”

For National Coming Out Day, a photo exhibition showcasing same-sex weddings has opened in Croatia’s capital, Zagreb – aimed at raising awareness about the LGBTI community.

An exhibition of photographs of same-sex weddings is on display in Zagreb’s Bogdan Ogrizovic Library for the next 12 days in honour of National Coming Out Day in Croatia on October 11.

The NGO behind the exhibition, Rainbow Family, an association that gathers LGBTIQ* couples and individuals who have or want to have children, sees it as an opportunity to give the community greater visibility in a country where conservative Christian values remain prominent.

Ivo Segota, the coordinator of the association and author of the exhibition, told BIRN: “Only through visibility can we fight the prejudices that this society still has – as with LGBT couples, life partners, and even ‘rainbow families’ and couples wanting to adopt a child.”

The exhibition “All Our Weddings” will show photos taken from weddings ever since gay marriage, or rather “life partnerships”, were legalised in Croatia in 2014. Since then, over 260 such couples have married.

Segota said the life partnership law in Croatia regulates the life of couples relatively well – but does not deal with the issue of children within such families, foster care or adoption issues.

He also said that the current government’s new foster care law will not include life partners in its provision.

“It is sad that what was started by the life partnership law four years ago does not continue in the new law which next government will adopt,” Segota said.

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