Total Croatia News: “First Croatian Picture Book on Same-Sex Families to Arrive at Kindergartens and Schools”

Children will see that families come in all shapes and sizes.

The Rainbow Families Association will publish the first Croatian picture book on same-sex couples with children on 18 January. The Association gathers about twenty same-sex couples with children, so they decided to publish a picture book for them, as well as for all the other children so they could see that it is okay to have two moms or two dads, reports on January 3, 2018.

“There are already picture books in Croatia which mention families with same-sex parents, most often while describing different types of families, but these are translations of foreign editions. We wanted to make one just for Croatia,” said the Association coordinator Danijel Martinović.

Maja Škvorc and Ivo Šegota also participated in the preparation of the picture book, while illustrations were drawn by Borna Nikola Žeželj.

“We will distribute the first 500 copies to schools and kindergartens which have already told us they wanted to receive them. They are mostly from Zagreb, but there are also some from other parts of Croatia,” said Martinović, explaining why the picture book will not be available for purchase.

Those who fail to receive their copy will be able to download the picture book for free from the Association’s website, which will also include a special form for those who want a printed copy. When enough people express their interest, the Association will publish the second edition.

Translations of the picture book to German, English, Italian and French are expected soon.

“It took us several months to move from the preparation to the realisation of the project. It was not a very demanding job since we have been helped by people who deal with publishing in the daily lives and volunteer translators,” said Martinović.

The main characters of the picture book are children explaining their families, which are just ordinary families with parents who happen to be of the same sex. “We wanted our families to be more visible. Just like there are families with one parent, with adopted or foster children, there are also families in which parents are of the same sex,” concluded Martinović.

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