Total Croatia News: “Rainbow Families NGO Says Court’s Decision Bans Discrimination”

ZAGREB, February 10, 2020 – The Croatian association called Dugine Obitelji (Rainbow Families) that gathers LGBTI persons who are or want to become parents said Monday that the Constitutional Court’s decision under which the Foster Care Act must include life partners was important because it bans discrimination.

The Constitutional Court last Friday published a decision in which it concludes that courts and relevant bodies have the duty to enable everyone to participate in “the public service of foster care” under equal terms.

The court reached the conclusion after considering motions for the assessment of the constitutionality of three Foster Care Act articles which numerous political parties, associations and individuals claimed to be discriminate against same-sex partners.

“The decision recognises and prevents discrimination against life partners and is doing what politicians in Croatia have not been doing for years — treat all Croatian residents equally, regardless of their sexual orientation,” the coordinator of the Rainbow Families, Daniel Martinović, told a news conference.

He also commented on negative reactions to the Constitutional Court’s decision.

“We are confident that it is extremely hypocritical to say that it is better for children without adequate parental care to remain in an institution than to be placed in a home of a same-sex partners. Experts and education workers of the welfare centres should decide who should or should not be a foster parent, and not those who continue to generalise and use prejudice to justify their homophobic points of view,” Martinović said.

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