Youth Workers training: Identifying and tackling gender stereotypes in fairy tales

The training for youth workers is offered as a part of ongoing Erasmus+ KA2 Capacity Building for youth project called “Fairy Tale Genderology”.

The project aims to contribute to the better position of women in European society as well increase awareness on gender and human rights issues among young people. During the project fairy tales will be used as patterns for focusing on identifying and tackling gender stereotypes and reducing gender-based violence. Learn more about the project here.

Erasmus+ Youth workers mobility training

Location: Sokobanja, Serbia

Dates: 8th – 18th April 2019 (including travel dates)

Requirements for participants:

  • having an intermediate/advanced English level
  • being active members in your own local community (as a volunteer or as a youth worker)
  • interest in the topic
  • willingness to prepare the homework, actively participate in the training and disseminate the project results

Priority will be give to applicants who come from disadvantaged background/fewer opportunities. You can find more about it here.

The course aims to:

• exchange realities, practices and share experiences among participants, related to gender policy and issues;
• actively participate in development of innovative methods and technique in work with youth for gender oriented reading, including those with fewer opportunities;
• respond to problems in gender reading with use of Fairy tale Genderology;
• work on practical work in testing methodology;
• discuss how to transfer Genderology at local level;
• express analytical and critical thinking on the topic of EU citizenship;
• critically evaluate methods in learning and explore interculturality in European activities;
• understand and formulate problems and solve these problems using the innovation technique;

Before the training each national team will have to do a small amount of preparatory work: an online research about gender stereotypes with prepared questions about gender equality in their national fairy tales and tasks related to making up to 10 photos about gender stereotypes in their surroundings.

They will also have the task to find and bring a version of the fairy tale Cinderella, that is illustrated and published in their own country. The Cinderella story is chosen because it covers the majority of the classic stereotypes and is an old fairy tale with a European tradition.

Conditions: The accommodation and meals will be covered by Erasmus+ programme and the travel tickets will be bought the by the project coordinator (up to 275 euros).

To apply for the training, please write us an e-mail with the subject line “Fairy Tale Genderology training” or send us a message through our Facebook page!